Maroon Bells, Colorado: Trip Report

Jump to: Gear ListRoute DetailsCOVID-19 InformationBreakdownDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Trail Notes Writing this post a week after my hike on the Maroon Bells Four Pass Loop, my ankles creak, my bug bites have only just stopped itching, and I’m still finding tangles in my curls. But it was all worth it for non-stop views like…… Continue reading Maroon Bells, Colorado: Trip Report

Kula Cloth Review

I bought this item using my own money and was not compensated for my review. This review is entirely my honest opinion. After a few years of backpacking, I learned the importance of a pee cloth. If you’re new to backpacking, you might be thinking “a WHAT!?,” but those of you have have spent some…… Continue reading Kula Cloth Review

Why Start a “Travel Blog” in 2020?

Solo at Maroon Bells 2020

I’m a planner. That means before I board a plane or hop in the car, I research the location, gear, route, and everything else into oblivion. I’ve been down the rabbit holes of everything from “is it better to use a gas stove or make one out of an empty can of cat food?” to…… Continue reading Why Start a “Travel Blog” in 2020?