Hi, I’m Zoey Haines, creator of Brown Girl Goes. Thanks for stopping by!

Growing up in Minnesota, I always loved exploring. As a child I paged through travel guides for fun and drew detailed packing lists in my journals. I coerced my siblings into elaborate games exploring the “Arctic tundras” (easy enough in Minnesota winters) or “Amazon rainforests” of our backyard. Some of my favorite memories include sleeping under the stars on pool floaties in Girl Scouts or driving over the border into Canada on a family road trip (my first international experience!).

I’ve always been down for a little adventure!

I took my first solo trip abroad in 2014. I had just graduated from college and I had about a month to spend alone before meeting a school group in Turkey. I decided to start in Prague and make my way west to Germany where I would catch a flight. This first trip was exhausting. I got lost, sick, lonely…and hooked. Since that first trip I’ve done everything from exploring Maya ruins in the Yucatan peninsula to wading in the Jordan river in Israel to climbing mountains in the Nepali Himalayas. Although I don’t mind traveling with friends or family, I’ve learned so much about myself and the world navigating it solo.

On this blog you’ll find the usual gear reviews and trip reports and you’ll find my perspective as a biracial Black solo female traveler. I hope both can offer insight and inspiration as you plan your own next adventure! <3