April Musings

I dug up this little piece of creative nonfiction I wrote last April when we had no idea just how long the year would feel (so naive!). It doesn’t have much to do with travel or hiking, but it does have to do with “place.” April 12, 2020 On the last Sunday in March we…… Continue reading April Musings

Taking Breaks

If you follow this blog (hi mom!) you may have noticed a took a few months off from writing. Ok, four months. At first I felt guilty. I hate letting projects languish unfinished. But really there’s nothing to finish—I reminded myself a blog is an ongoing, personal project that doesn’t have deadlines or requirements or…… Continue reading Taking Breaks

Why Start a “Travel Blog” in 2020?

Solo at Maroon Bells 2020

I’m a planner. That means before I board a plane or hop in the car, I research the location, gear, route, and everything else into oblivion. I’ve been down the rabbit holes of everything from “is it better to use a gas stove or make one out of an empty can of cat food?” to…… Continue reading Why Start a “Travel Blog” in 2020?