Staying Found

Confession: I’ve always been pretty hopeless with directions. Whenever someone explains turn-by-turn how to get to a place, I always nod, eyes glazed over, then look it up on Google Maps as soon as I’m back in my car. In regular life, this constant disorientation is a little annoying at worst. But out in the…… Continue reading Staying Found

Traveling & Backpacking on Your Period

When my period comes around during a trip or backpacking adventure, it still has the potential to take up more mental (and emotional!) energy than any other personal hygiene issue. Like any good preparation, planning out a good Period System allows me to hike farther, explore longer, and generally immerse myself in a place better.

Travel Tips for Curly Hair

It’s one of travel’s great unanswered questions: Is it possible to have consistently good hair while traveling (or, God forbid, camping)? Having curly hair complicates things even further. So many travel blogs feature (white) women with long, shiny, straight hair and provide travel hair tips like using shampoo bars, limiting yourself to a tiny bottle…… Continue reading Travel Tips for Curly Hair

Brown Girl’s Guide to Bears

Important disclaimer: I am not a wilderness expert, and these tips, while founded on research, should be combined with local guidance. You are ultimately responsible for your decisions and safety. When I prepared for my last backpacking trip, I read blog posts and watched YouTube videos about a handful of different topics: setting up a…… Continue reading Brown Girl’s Guide to Bears

How To Convince Your Mom (and Yourself!) That You Won’t Die on a Solo Trip

When I’m planning a trip, my mom is the first person I call. I try to casually hint at the idea of traveling solo (again!), but she always cuts in to inevitably ask, “Is it safe?” I will reply, “Of course!” And I’ll laugh and say something along the lines of: “I know how to…… Continue reading How To Convince Your Mom (and Yourself!) That You Won’t Die on a Solo Trip